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Intellectual Property Theft

More than 80 percent of Americans agree that stealing is wrong and inventors and artists have the right to profit from their work.

Intellectual Property Crime

The public does not believe that anyone is getting hurt by purchases of counterfeit products or illegal downloads.

Bumping: A Trend in Home Burglary

If your home is protected with an ordinary lock, it may not do you much good, says the National Crime Prevention Council. Thieves have caught on to an increasingly popular technique called “bumping.”

7 Tips on Preventing Identity Theft

In the course of the day, you do many activities that put your personal information at risk — from writing a check at the store to charging merchandise in person or over the phone. You may not think twice about these transactions, but others might.

7 Tips on Preventing Identity Theft

During the exciting time of having your house built or remodeled, make sure to consider one of the most important features that will keep you and your family safe for years to come: security.

Locking Doors Still Best Bet

Not so long ago, people did not feel the need to lock their doors or windows. But times have changed, and so has the need to use locks for protection.

School Safety: What Parents Can Do to Help

While your child’s school may have been spared from any headline-catching, violent incidents, chances are that less dramatic acts of hostility, such as bullying and harassment, occur there every day.

School Violence: A Deadly Pattern Calls for Action

Are schools safe? Considering the number of tragic events that have occurred at schools across the country in recent years, this is one question every parent, teacher, administrator and community member is having a hard time answering.

Cyberbullying Trends & Tudes