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Back to Teachers, Back to Books

Aug 12, 2008

As the summer heat fades to memory and the leaves begin to fall, children of all ages will file back to school all across America. The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) wants to ensure that our children return to a safe environment so that they may learn, thrive, and succeed. The influence of drugs and violence in America's schools is on the rise, and administrators, faculty, parents, and even students are struggling to counter the problem effectively. School safety is an achievable goal, but one that will require the combined efforts of faculty and staff, parents, and students. NCPC offers some tips to these groups on how to improve safety in the schools.

School Staff

-- Objectively evaluate the school's safety and set targets for improvement.

-- Develop effective security procedures and consistent disciplinary policies.

-- Be open to and encourage student-led solutions.

-- Work with parents, students, law enforcement, local government and people from the community to address larger safety issues.


-- Know where your children are, what they are doing, and whom they are with at all times.

-- Ask your children about what goes on during the day and really listen to the answer.

-- Become involved in school activities by joining the PTA, attending field trips, and helping out in the classroom.


-- Learn effective ways of settling arguments. Help start a conflict mediation program if there isn't one already.

-- Be willing to report crimes or suspicious activities and learn how to do so.

-- Get out and get involved. Work on antiviolence activities, clean up graffiti, and get others involved in community service.

Only through the cooperation and dedication of all the parties involved will America's students have the safe learning environments that they truly deserve.

For more information and tips on back to school safety, visit the National Crime Prevention Council's website at

About the National Crime Prevention Council

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is a private, nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to be the nation's leader in helping people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime. NCPC manages public service advertising under the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign--symbolized by McGruff the Crime Dog® and his "Take A Bite Out Of Crime®" slogan--and acts as secretariat for the Crime Prevention Coalition of America, more than 400 national, federal, state, and local organizations representing thousands of constituents who are committed to preventing crime. NCPC is funded through a variety of government agencies, corporate and private foundations, and donations from private individuals. For more information on crime prevention issues, visit

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